4 Steps To Wardrobe Heaven

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about your own wardrobe? Wardrobes are the sort of thing that we have a love-hate relationship with. A place where we store our most prized outfits, they can also store lots of ‘unwanted and unnecessary’ clothing that makes it hard for us to appreciate and sometimes even see the clothes we love and wear often. So don’t you think it’s time to tackle that wardrobe of yours? Don’t worry; just take a deep breath, gather your strength and take the horse by the reins, because it only takes 3 simple steps to achieve a wardrobe that’s Pinterest worthy.

1. Sort Through Your Clothes

First things first, you need to sort through your wardrobe with the objective of clearing out everything that’s unwanted and unnecessary.

  • Pull everything out of your wardrobe and place it all onto your bed.
  • Sort those items into piles that you want to keep, discard or donate and sell.
  • Then sort through your shoes and accessories in the same manner.

The tip here is to be decisive and if you haven’t worn an item in the last 9 months or so, it’s really unlikely that you will wear it ever again, so just discard it. I know this is usually the hardest part but not only will you have more room for new items, but you can also donate these good items to charity. For clothes that have stains, holes or tears it’s time to toss them into the bin and wave goodbye.

2.  A Fresh Start 

Once everything’s out of your wardrobe, vacuum and wipe down the area. Get rid of everything that has no use; broken hangers, odd socks and everything of that sort. Assess if you need dividers or some stylish storage boxes to slot into shelves, or perhaps a new set of quality clothes hangers which can create a uniform look and inspire you to keep everything neatly hung up in your wardrobe.


3. Arrange Clothes Back Into Closet

Now’s the fun bit: putting everything back into the closet. But before that, categorise all of your stuff that you want to keep into piles, such as tank tops, dresses, pants, jewellery etc. For pants, open-ended hangers work great; and for items that slip, you might need anti-slip grips. Finally, it’s time to place everything back into the wardrobe.

  • Place clothes that you seldom wear at the back of the closet and vice-versa.
  • Try hanging as much as possible as it’s easier to see.
  • For the rest of your foldables, like t-shirts and tops, drawers work great.
  • Organise your organises ( that was a mouth full) with compartments for smaller items like underwear, socks, and jewellery.


4. Keep It That Way

The hardest part is always maintaining it. I know, it may seem like a lot of work, but folding your clothes and hanging them back neatly every day can reap long-term rewards. Avoiding the mess and clutter, you’ll feel organized and you’ll also have a picture-perfect wardrobe as well.

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