5 Bathroom Styling Mistakes To Avoid

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After the living room and kitchen, the bathroom is perhaps the most important area of your home to style. It’s where your day begins and where your day wraps up at night; at least for most of us.

It’s also a place that most guests would pop by when in your home – and while it’s probably the smallest room in the house, it can make a big impression on those who enter it. While they may not mention anything, visitors might notice whether you’ve made one of these bathroom styling mistakes.

And if you are guilty of committing one of these bathroom styling mistakes, don’t worry, there’s always a way of fixing it!

1.  Cluttered Mess

Ah, clutter. Clutter is what makes a small space look even smaller. To minimise clutter, it’s important to keep items on display to a minimum.

Packing away things like your hair dyer, curler or straightener after using it, along with toiletries and other bathroom products can really make the space seem a lot more spacious.

Dispose of any unused products at the back of your bathroom cabinet and free up space for the items you use most often.

Invest in a set of compartments, jars and storage trays to keep clutter contained and out of sight.

2. Using A Rug

Aside from collecting germs, rugs play no purpose in your toilet.

And if you do use a bath mat, swapping out the current one for new ones can make a bathroom look much tidier- not to mention a lot more hygienic.

3. Having a Big- But Empty Bathroom

Having a big bathroom can be an advantage- but not if you don’t style it right.

Styling your bathroom with small accents such as a vase of flowers on your vanity, an artwork on the wall or a statement rug can really set the vibe and space out your bathroom nicely. Indoor plants also work wonders in brightening up the space- but if real plants aren’t really your thing, artificial plants work just as well.

4. Worn Towels on Display

A tip to freshening up a worn-out space is to have fresh, fluffy towels on display instead of raggedy towels hanging on your towel racks.

So, throw away those discoloured, old towels and start with a fresh, new set of coloured coordinated ones.

5. Not Having Enough Storage Space

 Another problem is not having enough storage space which can add to a cluttered space. To fix this, you can purchase storage units, install floating shelves and bathroom caddies or use a bathroom trolley to house all your toiletries and bathroom items.

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