5 Showstopping Bathroom Ideas To Inspire

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Showers don’t always have to be so conventional and boring. Instead, it could still remain functional, and act as a place to relax and indulge after a busy day’s work.

 The balance of tile patterns, standout pieces and clever interior designs all contribute to stunning bathrooms.

So, if you’re looking to give your bathroom an impressive update it deserves, we’ve rounded up 5 stylish shower designs to inspire you.

1. Marble Shower 
Marble walls and floors, together with gold shower accents, can create a luxurious feel in the bathroom.
2. Contemporary Retro

Subtle shadings of tinted stucco and marble make for a calm environment. A double shower, together with a large bath, set up the perfect area to indulge in.

3. Millennial Pink

This high-end space takes muted pastel pinks, blues, and lavenders into a luxurious realm. The marble bathtub and flooring definitely finishes the look. The design, which is complemented with black tap ware, is reminiscent of a contemporary Scandinavian aesthetic.

4. Industrial Aesthetic

A framed glass shower screen is used as a partition to shield water in the bathroom. Accents of wood, marble and black tap ware also portray an industrial aesthetic.

5. The Midas Touch 

The combination of both marble and brass creates a glamorous and relaxed feel to the bathroom. Hints of gold appendages completely sums up the look.


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