Design Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Unorganized

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Have you ever had that time where you had just finished cleaning a room, stood back and stared at it for a solid 5 minutes wondering why in the world does the room feel cluttered and messy even when everything is in place?

Well, I’ve been there. More than once actually.

There are many factors that could be making your home feel messy. From layouts to the color schemes it’s really not just the things that we accumulate that make our house look cluttered.

Here, you will find six common design mistakes that can make your home look cluttered and how you can fix them to keep it looking neat and tidy with next to no effort.

1. You Didn’t Plan Your Layout Well

There’s nothing like a terrible layout to make a room feel overcrowded. How you place your furniture, your decor and everything else in your home are really important. You want everything to go well together. Also, the size of your furniture will affect the flow of your space. Is your coffee table out of proportion? Or is your couch taking up way to much space?

2. Your Cords Aren’t Hidden

With technology being so advanced nowadays, it’s no wonder why we always introduce new gadgets into our homes along with chords that charge these devices.

To keep your tech organised, create a designated space where Ipads, laptops, and phones, can be charged which is out of the way. This can be a specific place, like in a cupboard or drawer.

Gaming wires, cords, and handsets seem never-ending and need to be managed. Try a stylish storage basket as a quick and easy dumping solution.

3. You Don’t Have A Proper Colour Scheme

Is your home a colourful rainbow mess? This can be one of the major reasons why your home looks cluttered. While there are quite a few unusual colour combinations that work, it’s still best to stick to one or two main colours and compliment these with neutral tones.

4. You’ve Chosen The Wrong Rug

When choosing a rug, the most important factors to take into account to is the size and the shape of it. Too small and the space can feel much smaller than it actually is. Unlike in the dining area, living room furniture should be positioned half-on and half-off your rug. This pulls the look together rather than having floating pieces that end up looking disjointed.

5. Styling Mistakes

You can’t just chuck a bunch of things on a shelf and expect it to look good. Too many items look like clutter and you’ll lose the sense of it. Step back to get a view. Anything that catches your eye in a bad way, tweak.

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